Why Tallis?

Excellence in property
management and marketing


There is no substitute for experience. Tallis staff have many years of successful rental and property management.


Marketing, management & admin. All important elements of a full service business and require attention to the detail.

Friendly Service

Friendly doesn't mean lack of professionalism: combine both for great customer experience and owner rewards.

Top Tech

The world is increasingly centered on smart technology and the rental world is no different, in which we excel!

Extensive Market Reach

We ensure our property portfolio gets maximum exposure through smart distribution, direct marketing, and top-notch presentation.

Guests & Owners

Communication, information, and trust. Extremely important factors with any travel bookings. We ensure a full-service approach from look to leave.

The Properties

A holiday stay is only as good as its component parts. The rental itself is a fundamental part of any decision and quality is part of our guest mantra.

Smart & Nimble

In an ever-changing world, businesses need to be nimble. Tallis is exceptionally well positioned to fit the new world of tech & travel trends.

We love our  job

Making travelers stay enjoyable and to take away fond memories is the goal of Tallis Travel. Without this focus, we would be failing both owner and guest!

Take a close look

We want both guests and owners to take a good look at what we do and how we do it. We want owners to be impressed and guests to come back!

Getting it right, with a smile on everyone’s face!

We put emphasis on having

a great team and listening to

both our owners and guests!

Meet the team

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