Over the last decade, we have seen a sea change in rental marketing with many more opportunities to develop a rich seam of bookings.

Not all these are aligned with the best interests of owners, managers and even guests, however, but they are part of the rental eco-system and provided they only form part of a marketing mix, they can be used wisely.

Guest expectations have increased beyond measure, with a hotel expectancy in the speed and booking process and more of a full-service approach within the property. Ensuring that many of these expectations are met, but within a realistic framework, provides for great guest experience.

The websites you see here are the most internationally popular but are only part of the equation. Tallis is a developing brand that is developing a reputation for quality service, accommodation and personal attention to detail.

Tallis systems make many bookings per day through online portals and owned websites. We feel it is very important however to offer a concierge service approach, answer questions, be knowledgable, go that extra mile. Certainly, we use extensive automation and tools to facilitate bookings, but this is only part of the equation.

Not everyone wants to book immediately and may need reassurances and have special requests. Tallis is a smart tech, high-level local service and support business, formed from two masters of the rental industry.

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